Current Research Projects

Bianca Eskelson

Spatial analysis of change in stand structure using LiDAR data and historical observations at Blacks Mountain Experimental Forest

Fire effects and ecosystem recovery after forest wildfire 

Status and trends of whitebark pine distribution and health in California, Oregon and Washington

Climate envelope modeling

Quantification of fire effects and post-fire dynamics

Peter Marshall

Modeling Forest Carbon Dynamics in a Changing Climate in Nepal (Pramila Khatri Chhetri, Ph.D. candidate; Peter Marshall, research supervisor)

Valerie LeMay

Impacts of Tree Improvement Programs on Growth and Yield of White Spruce in the Canadian Boreal Forest (Suborna Ahmed, Ph.D. candidate; Valerie LeMay and Gary Bull, research co-supervisors)

Integrating remote sensing and field data to estimate forest attributes in miombo woodlands in Zambia (James Halperin, Ph.D. candidate; Valerie LeMay, research supervisor)

A systems analysis of Canada’s Boreal forest: the role of improved growing stock (Kyle Lochhead, Ph.D. candidate; Gary Bull and Valerie LeMay, research co-supervisors)