Adjunct Professors

Céline Boisvenue. I am a Research Scientist with the Canadian Forest Service in Victoria, BC. All my research is applied to understanding forests, modelling them as well as possible given available data, to support science-based management and policy development. My research activities provide scientific support for Canada’s greenhouse gas (GHG) balance for forests under international reporting obligations, and contribute to the next generation of models for forest GHG estimates. I was a practicing forester and a biometrics consultant prior to becoming a researcher. I am therefore well positioned to provide viable solutions for both management and policy development. My recent focus has been on regional spatio-temporal modelling and the integration of remotely-sensed products into forest dynamics models. My masters is from here, UBC biometrics, and my PhD is from the Numerical Terradynamic Simulation group (NTSG), a NASA Earth Science Information Partner at the University of Montana.



Werner Kurz. Dr. Werner Kurz is a Senior Research Scientist at the Canadian Forest Service (Natural Resources Canada) in Victoria, BC. He leads the development of Canada’s National Forest Carbon Monitoring, Accounting and Reporting System, the Carbon Budget Model of the Canadian Forest Sector (CBM-CFS), and the Forest Carbon Management Project of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions. His research focuses on carbon dynamics in forests and harvested wood products, as affected by natural and human disturbances as well as climate change.  He investigates the opportunities of the forest sector to contribute to climate change mitigation. Dr. Kurz co-authored six reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He serves as adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia and at Simon Fraser University. He obtained an honorary doctorate from the Swedish Land Universities (SLU).
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Steen Magnussen. Steen is a research scientist with the Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service (CFS) in Victoria. His research interests focus on forest resource inventories, forest surveys, sampling statistics, and biometrics. Canada’s National Forest Inventory is compiled and housed with CFS in Victoria. Steen provides and develops estimators for NFI and advice the NFI team on statistical issues. Steen also has a past in silviculture and forest tree improvement.
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Ian Moss. Ian has been a practicing Professional Forester in British Columbia after graduating from UBC faculty of Forestry in 1979.  In 2012 he completed his PhD on Stand Structure Classification, Succession, and Mapping using LiDAR.  Since then he has been working with Tesera Systems Inc to develop the analytical processes and procedures for producing High Resolution Inventory Systems (HRIS).  These systems involve the use of remote sensing data (LiDAR, Colour Infrared, Landsat) in combination with sample (photo, ground) plot data.  Current research interests are focused on improving methods of imputation, developing more precise and accurate inventories, particularly with reference to complex stand conditions, and using this information to improve forest estate planning and practices.


Nick Smith. B. Sc. (Bangor, Wales), M.F. (UBC) and Ph.D. (OSU), RPF
Silviculture, growth and yield, inventory

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A Zumrawi

Dr. Abdel-Azim Zumrawi, Statistician in the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) and Adjunct professor in Forest Resources Management at the University of British Columbia. I am a Registered Professional Forester (RPF) in British Columbia (currently on leave) and an Accredited Professional Statistician (P. Stat.) with the Statistical Society of Canada. My research is primarily focused on developing forest resources management systems, with emphasis on modeling the growth, mortality and natural regeneration in complex forest ecological systems. My current work at CTLT is focused on statistics in higher education, with special emphasis on survey methodology, evaluation of teaching, and analytics associated with the use of technology in higher education.

My educational background includes a BSF from the University of Khartoum, Sudan, a M.Sc. in Forest Resources Management, a M.Sc. in Statistics and a Ph.D. in Forest Biometrics from Oregon State University.