Useful Forest Measurements and Biometrics Websites

Organizations and Groups

BC Ministry of Forests growth and yield models: descriptions of models used in British Columbia. Many of these models can be downloaded to your computer for use. There are also links to site index prediction tools, including predicting site index from site series, and forest level planning tools.

BC Ministry of Forests, Research Branch, Biometrics pamphlets: a selection of “how to” pamphlets for commonly used tools for modelling and experimental design. These can be downloaded or printed. The pamphlets use forestry examples, and give the SAS code corresponding to the problem.

International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), Division 4, Inventory, Growth, Yield, Quantitative and Management Sciences: IUFRO Division 4 organizes conferences to discuss a variety of measurement and biometrics issues. A listing of upcoming conferences, with web connections can be found on this web site, along with information about IUFRO.

Western Mensurationists: A group of folks primarily from the Western US and Western Canada that meet and discuss measurements and biometrics (including what is the difference really?) A conference is held once each year, at the end of June or beginning of July in interesting places, not too far from the Pacific Coast, mostly.

Northeastern Mensurationists (NEMO): The Northeastern US version of Mensurationists. This lively group of interesting people generally meet once a year to discuss (what else?) measurements and biometrics. Generally, a conference is held once each year, in hot places not too far from the Atlantic Coast, mostly.

Growth and Yield in Central and Northeastern BC, University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, BC, June 29, 2005: A meeting held at the University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, on 29 June 2005. The objective was to gather a relatively small number of researchers closely associated with forest growth modelling, to exchange ideas and information, and to discuss research strategies and funding. The meeting was organized by Valerie LeMay (UBC), with collaboration from Mike Jull (Aleza Lake Research Forest) and Oscar García (UNBC). Nicole Balliet took care of local arrangements.


UBC Woodward Library: The Woodward Library at the University of British Columbia has collections for forestry. The librarians have compiled listings by subject areas that you might find useful.

Elementary Statistical Methods for Foresters: This agriculture handbook 317 was written by Dr. Frank Freese in 1967. This book refers to essential statistical methods for foresters.

Modelling Forest Growth and Yield, Applications to Mixed Tropical Forests: This book was written by Jerome K.Vanclay in 1994. This book attempts to make growth models more accessible to foresters and other interested in mixed forests, whether planted or natural (In Preface).

Information Sites

Geomatics at the University of British Columbia: This site was created to be a resource for UBC faculty, staff, and students. It hosts information on a number of topics of interest to the geomatics community.

PrognosisBC Modelling, University of British Columbia: This website provides the information of PrognosisBC which was adapted from the forest vegetation simulator (FVS) in 1997.