Woongsoon Jang. My research interests focus on answering a wide range of silvilcutural and forest ecological questions with various quantitative methods, including regeneration, tree and stand responses to forest management and disturbances.

I finished my BS and MS in the Seoul National University, South Korea. I analyzed the stand structure and tree growth of a relic spruce population, known as a vulnerable species to changing climate. My PhD dissertation project at the University of Montana was to address long-term impacts of biomass harvesting on site productivity, regeneration, vegetation dynamics, and ecosystem organic matter distribution in a western larch forest. As a postdoctoral researcher, I also conducted the studies regarding emerald ash borer outbreak (Arkansas, US) and heat transfer and soil responses to the burning treatments (California, US).

I am currently participating a research project for developing the stand and stock table projection system for Interior Douglas-fir in British Columbia.

Supervisor: Bianca Eskelson