R Workshops

ForValueNet Mixed and Other Models Workshop, June, 2010

Course Handout: MSword file

Pre-course materials: ZIP file

Day 1: ZIP file

Day 2: Zip file

Day 3: Zip file

UBC Workshop for FRST 430&533C, 2009

Materials for workshop: Zip file

Introductory Forest Biometrics Using R, Nigeria, 2009

All course materials: ZIP file (download only)

Training Materials for One-day Training Workshop on R (PDF)

Instructors Overview (PDF & MSword)

Statistics Background Materials

Review of Statistics (PDF & MSword)

Fitting Equations (PDF & MSword)

Forestry 430 Advanced Biometrics (2007) (PDF & MSword)

Experimental Design (PDF & MSword)

Sampling Formula Sheet (PDF & MSword)

F and T tables (PDF)

Data and exercises: the script (program), data (comma delimited) data files and exercise used in the course in a zipped format

Bangor University Workshop, Advanced Biometrics using R, 2008

Course Outline: PDF


Probability and Statistics Review: PDF

Fitting Equations: PDF

Experimental Design: PDF

Exercise: PDF

R_code_and_data for Exercises: Zip file

UBC Workshop, 2006

Manual for workshop: PDF file

Data and scripts: the script (program) and data (comma delimited) data files used in the course in a zipped format

R-Workshop presentations (PDF files)

February 15, 2006
An introduction to R
Objects in R

February 17, 2006
Mixed-effects Models –
An introduction to mixed-effects
Thinking about mixed-effects models