Peter Marshall

Modeling Forest Carbon Dynamics in a Changing Climate in Nepal

The goal of the proposed study is to assess the carbon dynamics, the potential impact of climate change and disturbances on these dynamics, and the mitigation potential of forests in Nepal. In order to achieve this goal, the following research questions will be considered with appropriate methodology and analysis.

  1. What is the change and impact of disturbances and land use change in carbon stock in the forested landscape in Nepal?
  2. What is the contribution of forest and forest activities in this area to the global carbon budget?
  3. What are the potential effects of climate change on carbon dynamics of different forest ecosystem types and under different forest management systems?
  4. What are the implications of possible policy changes on carbon sequestration?

Student: Pramila Khatri Chhetri (PhD)
Supervisory Committee: Peter Marshall (Research supervisor), Werner Kurtz (Natural Resources Canada), Rajat Panwar, Clive Wellham

Acknowledgements: Schlumberger Foundation, Government of Nepal